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Confidence Catalyst

Coaching with Pamela

Where do these resonate in you?

How does NOT trusting your gut - constantly doubting yourself- show up in your life?

Are you your OWN Worst Critic, second guessing yourself, and putting yourself down?

Confidence Catalyst Pamela Van Nest is an expert in taming self doubt. She works with professional, caring women whose work is in service to others, seemingly, confident and competent on the outside, yet very hard on themselves on the inside.
They are ready to change that and live from their Inner Wisdom. Clients know her as their expert to guide them to realign their nagging bully minds to give themselves permission to recognize and celebrate their talents, gifts and strengths, and cease the negative self talk.

Clients say she helped instill a change into their lives, a confidence in themselves they thought was beyond rescue. Coaching helped them revive their relationships, especially with themselves, and build an unshakable confidence through self compassion.

So what can you expect from your coaching sessions?

• Focus on living a life of authenticity and so you can be your own champion in each and every situation.

• Techniques to feel secure in every situation because you have compassion for yourself.

• Discover and tap into the Joy of recognizing and accepting ALL of who you are - without guilt.

• Structure to stay accountable, and stay in action with focus, so you align with your core values.

Imagine Inner joy powered by compassionate self confidence?

What if your Inner Critic’s message of “not good enough” was a lie and you could see your excellence?

Imagine... if you could step back from the negative mind chatter, hold the situation with loving kindness and respond with ease?
Imagine... what joy you could create with calm, inner self trust?

Imagine... approaching each moment with positive energy instead of dread.

Imagine... your life if you were AS accepting of YOURSELF - as you are to others?

There are only 5 spaces available today for a Personal Power Discovery Session. But there is a catch. You must qualify. For your chance to qualify for one of these 5 spots go to:


When I receive your survey I will be in touch with you within 48 hours to schedule an optimum time to talk with you.

Take a moment right now.

Close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths.

~Your Wise One Within is waiting~

Call (705-749-0461), or email me pvncoaching@gmail.com

Transform Self Doubt into Confident Clarity